St Andrews Airport


Wing & Stabilizer Covers

Arctic Covers wing and stabilizer covers are the finest wing covers available for winter use. They are made form a solid linebacker nylon.

Each cover is custom designed for a particular aircraft type and model ensuring maximum performance and longevity.Some of the common design features shared by all the wings and stab covers.

Derlin S/R Buckles can be used in extremely cold temperatures without breaking. Polypropylene webbing straps to attach the trailing edge of the cover to the leading edge ensures tight snug fit. Wingtip pockets with elasticized bungee material for tight fit.

Canopy & Windshield Covers

Our premium quality covers are made from an advanced material. T4 is a revolutionary fabric perfect for canopy covers. It has a very soft"hand", is breathable, will not stretch or shrink, will not rot or mildew or be damaged by pollutants, or organic compounds.

T4 is available in grey and blue.

Arctic Cowl Covers

Superior materials and manufacturing techniques combine to give the finest cowl covers on the market.

"Arctic Cowl" has an exterior shell made from nylon linebacker material. The insulating material is DuPont's space-age 12 oz. Dac ll holofill. Substantial heat will be maintained in your engine core up to 14-16 hours later even without the addition of supplementary heat.

Interior shell is made from "polarshield" nylon. Polarshield nylon is often used in the construction of northen winter clothing. It combines Linebackers superior wear and durability characteristics with heat reflective and anti-static characteristics.

Generous overlap has been built into each cover but they are still light and compact for easy storage. A combination of polypropylene web strapping, velcro, and quick release buckles makes these an industry leading standard.

Prop & Spinner Covers

Prop and spinner Covers are available as a "highly recommended" option for each of our cowl covers. The prop shaft is an excellent conductor going straight into the core of the heat in system. The prop blades are one of the most efficient designs for dispersing heat, thin with a high surface area, and they are attached directly to the shaft. If you neglect to insulate them you dramatically increase the rate of heat transfer out of your engine.

All of the individual pieces are attached to each other via velcro to ensure that the wind is not able to create a draft and increase the rate of heat transfer.

Intake Plug & Exhaust Covers

Manufactured from 2" foam and covered with the linebacker nylon. Includes "Removed Before Flight" streamers and has webbing connecting both plugs.